Thursday, 21 August 2014

I Dig 21.8.14

Here are some things I have been enjoying around these here Internet parts recently.

I would like all these t-shirts from 410 BC please kind regards many thanks.

Keeping up the pinning on Pinterest! Check out my board here. I only have one, mind. I do need to sort it out into categories, and figure out how to pin images from my blog onto there. Such social media. 

Visit to see awesomeness such as this. 

Aand this...

Add caption
Compelling and rich. 

I bought a bucket full of teddies into work yesterday for our Teddy Bear Takeover event. I've been loving doing a summer of people engagement stuff, even though it is knackering and stressful. I like being creative. 

I was treated to a ladybird backpack the other day- best spontaneous petrol station purchase ever. I am the envy of the office. I am using it as a lunch bag as I can't rrrrreally fit it over my shoulders. 

I was also given a lovely pot of plum jam which someone had made with the plums from the garden at work.

There are sooooo many plums. I ate far too many yesterday and my belly was big and hurty. Never eating plums again.

Looking forward to my new Converse arriving. My faux New Look Converse deelies have a hole in the sole and I can feel the floor.

Some stuff from the blog, in case you missed it...

I made a fecking huge chocolate cake, I rattled on about fitness, I chose some beauty faves, and messed about with L'Oreal Sunkiss Jelly.  Such fun!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A terrifying new half marathon challenge

Yaaais, that's right. I've gone and got entry into the Oxford Half Marathon.

I was reading my weekly Park Run email newsletter (haven't been in like a year, oh well) and saw a competition to become the 'face' of the Oxford half. I entered on a whim, I didn't win, but they offered me free entry, so I thought why not!

So, race day is on 12th October, which leaves me with... 60 days until kick off. OK, it's less than 60 days now, because I found out about my entry offer last Thursday, so it's really... not very long at all.

I did a half marathon last June (my first one) in Ashridge, and didn't train particularly accurately or long for it. Still, I quite enjoyed it really- the course was nice, I didn't feel like I was going to die- so this distance has a fairly pleasant memory. Read my re-cap here, and about how I came to enter it here.

My running, as it stands at the moment, isn't too bad, but I don't run any more than about five miles at a time. To me, those are long runs! I've been having a look at training plans, and feel it's realistic to expect myself to do 2-3 runs during the week of shorter distances (3-4 miles) and speedwork (intervals on the treadmill, or sprinting to get out of the rain like I did last night!). Then, over a weekend or a day off, I will plan in a longer run, which will increase in distance each week. I don't know how high I will get up to, but I'd definitely like to do over 8.

I need to be realistic in regards to my training- I am going to be working quite a lot over the next few weeks (I am in this weekend, for example) so probably will not get a long run in for a little while. I think I'll aim for Bank Hol Monday for that. And also, I want to keep up with my gym classes, vague weights workouts, cycling, and Zumba (as I chatted about in my last fitness post) as these things do make me feel really good and I like to keep things varied. Hopefully cross training will help my endurance.

I'm looking forward to it, mixed with a fair bit of dread. But ever since I found out I had the entry, I felt really excited, and having this goal has given me loads of motivation to keep moving every day.

My legs ached like bastards last night, though. I got these badass and highly sexy pink compression socks from Ebay, and will try to wear them for a bit- I find they help.

buy them here!

Otherwise, I am trying to keep myself going by wearing nice H&M workout clothes, and bribing myself with ice lollies. I am rather craving a nice massage though.

Pls help. 

Got any running tips?
How do you get through longer runs?
How do you get going when you just don't feel it (i.e. after a long day at work)?
What do you do about achey legs?


Sunday, 17 August 2014

New bracelet- for the night is dark and full of terrors

Here I am trying to show you the bracelet I got for myself a few weeks ago. It is a bugger to photograph (bracelet, and me too). 

I think I am actually in love with it. 

Here is the photo from the Etsy shop.

The store is called Spiffing Jewelry and they sell all sorts of geeky/pop culture ref stuff,hand stamped onto metal. 

I hummed and hawwed about which quote to get, originally wanting Winter Is Coming, but in the end went for this one. 

I'm not sure why I love the quote so much, but I just do. I keep catching a glance and smiling to myself. 

The cuff itself is so pretty and much more delicate than I thought. I chose copper, but there are other finishes too. The font and stamping is beautiful.

I'm really glad I treated myself to this. And it cost about a tenner, which I think is brilliant. I'm not a massive jewellery wearer, but there are some bits I get and never take off. 

Check out their shop here. Let me know if you get anything. I know I have my eye on more stuff.

Finishing in a suitably nerdy way, I downloaded the Game of Thrones Ascent game ap onto my IPad. I have no idea what I am doing, but it is worth getting for the Epic Music alone.

Heh heh.

What's the one bit of bling you always go back to?
What do you geek out about?

I just realised that in the first photo I look like Gollum when he finds the Ring. 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

I make a Bruce Bogtrotter Cake

When this cake was all complete, I took a step back and thought 'yes that looks a bit like the cake from Matilda'. It looked a lot shitter and messier, but who cares, chocolate cake. 

I had a hankering to try and make an extremely chocolately cake that was generally massive and awesome. I googled a Mary Berry recipe, and set to work.

As usual, I worked in a state of disarray. Although I am getting really good at washing up as I go along, i.e. plunging messy stuff into a bowl of hot soapy water before it gets all encrusted and gross.

The chocolate cake itself was OK, but a bit dry. I can blame many things (overall my slapdash manner) like the oven temperature, the circa 1835 tin, not mixing the mix enough (my hand blender went rogue and the whisk bit flew off). 

Because I only had one tin, the baking took ages. But I forced myself to slow down, let the cakes cool properly, and make it look nice.

The icing, to be fair, was immense. I totally made it up and just blended together butter, icing sugar and cocoa powder, and it was lush and swirly.

I think you are generally supposed to use actual melted chocolate for chocolate fudge cake icing, but I have a deep and sincere love for icing sugar so did my own thing. 

When I sandwiched the cakes together it all went a bit wrong and they crumbled a bit. A good thing I had made so much bloody icing- I just masked all the errors. To be honest I could just eat a big plate of icing with a crumble of cake for flavouring, so no biggie. I slapped the icing on like a builder plastering a wall. 

It's hardly going to set Pinterest alight, but at the end of it all home made chocolate cake is a wonderful thing. This one is all gone now- it got sliced up and dispersed.

Steps I think I need to take to become a better cake baker.

-Don't cock about with the recipe
-Get some decent tins
-Get a decent mixer
-Work out what temperature my oven is actually cooking at vs. what it says it is cooking at
-Put some effort in

Pls help.

Got any go-to recipes?
What's the best thing you ever baked?
Ever had a hilarious catastrophe?

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

This blogging lark

Phew, this blogging lark is tricky!

I get all cocky, chunter through a few posts, all looks good, then before I know it my last update was on the 6th August and I have nothing planned. How do you all do it, eh?

I guess it would help to have a more regular schedule and themed post, like a weekly fitness update or empties reviews. But I do enjoy being free from a structure and posting what I want when I want, and generally rambling on. Because let's face it, this blog is a hobby, I aint gonna be making cashmonies from it, so I may as well enjoy. 

I do want to be proud of it though. Because I do enjoy it. I love writing and having my own voice out there. And it's nice to do something productive with my downtime. 

Let's have some updates. 

-I did a spot of shopping at the weekend, see above. I may have told you this before, but Small Dog has a tendency to eat my pants. Clean pants, off the clothes horse. Not eat as in digest, but just... Gnaw. So I discovered she had chowed down on about four pairs, so in frustration I took myself off to town on Saturday and got like six new pairs. I haven't featured a photo,because I find that odd, but they are v pretty. 

'When I finish this turkey neck I can has pants'

-I have posted a picture of my new bras though. Double standards. I can highly recommend them for supreme old lady comfort- £2.50 from Primark. I also got some cheapo shorts and an old lady skirt from there. In h&m I found another great exercise top, I love their workout gear, it's so well priced and has great designs. And also, Yankee candles happened...the white one is something to do with Christmas and when I smelled it I swear it was like Christmas had farted all it's lovely festive smells right up my nostrils. And Topshop nail varnish, because that stuff rocks.

-Truth be told, I am a bit of a boring Bertha at the moment. I have been feeling vaguely under the weather, nothing terminal but just a bit naff, so I come across as a big old whinger, and fall asleep and am boring and boring. 

-I am a hundred percent addicted to these (lollies not cod) please R Whites will you sponsor my life?

-I watched Made in Chelsea NYC last night and spent the whole of it nodding sagely and thinking 'what awful humans'. I am not judgey, and love the TOWIE lot by comparison, but these people... Geeeeez. I actually hate them. Their lives make me feel depressed. 

-HOWEVER. Great British Bake Off is back. Faith in awesomeness restored! I am planning a chocolate fudge cake to end the world. 

-I rrrrreally need some new shoes. Like really really. My cheap New Look fake converse are so worn I can feel the floor. But I can't make my mind up on what to get. 

Pls help. 

-what's the best ice lolly?
-what shoes should I get? 
-how can I become sponsored by a nice lolly?
-why is my dog a disgusting pant freak?
-if you blog, how do you get yourself organised?

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