Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Homemade coconut and lavender hair oil

A little while ago I tried to be a witch doctor and create my own shampoo. It was not a massive success.

But! The same site gave me some ideas, and I have not been deterred. Here is my second attempt at a homemade hair product- some rather lovely coconut and lavender hair oil. I love whacking a bit of coconut oil onto my hair's ends, and by switching it up with some extra beneficial ingredients, it's become a hair product staple. 

I got the coconut oil from Tesco for about £2.50. It is not organic or anything fancy, and doesn't smell like coconut, which is a shame. You'd probably be better off spending a couple of quid extra and getting the good stuff, but this is fine for experimenting. The other oils were no more than a few pounds apiece, all from Ebay.

Recipe for Catherine's coconut and lavender hair oil

(Yes, this is me, and I don't measure things. Here are my best guesses...)

4 tablespoons of coconut oil
1 tsp of vitamin E oil
half a tsp of jojoba oil
A few drops of lavender oil (to your preference!)

I mixed it all together with in a jam far. You'll need the coconut oil to be fairly soft, so leave it in a warm place (apparently you shouldn't microwave it because it kills all the... things... health things... I don't know).

The best thing about this recipe is that you can tweak it however you like. Try different essential oils- lemon, mint... whatever is best to help your hair (they all have different benefits). If you have other healthsome oils to add in, do it.

As for applying it, I use about half a tsp. Warm it between your hands, and slather it on the ends. Then I leave it overnight, or for an hour or two, and shampoo and condition as usual. I can definitely feel the benefits after I use this. And the lavender is lovely and relaxing to use at night (I smooth the leftovers onto my arms and legs, and sometimes a smidgen on my face).

It doesn't cost too much to make either, and it's always fun to have a play around. I'm going to research different smells and other good hair oils, and pimp up my next batch!

Do you like using coconut oil? (Check out some other coconut faves here)
What's your favourite smell?


Monday, 29 September 2014

Call off the jeans search- I've found my go-to pair!

Shopping for jeans is such a bitch. A good pair of jeans is a total wardrobe staple, but finding that awesome pair is such a pain in the arse, because they all look the same. Then you have to wrestle yourself in and out of multiple pairs, which is a workout in itself, and go back and forth between different waists and leg lengths and colours and styles, gah... Then there is the price, often you're looking at thirty quid plus for a decent pair, unless you gamble with Primark. 

Other problems include: will they stretch, should I get a size smaller in case they do, but then what if they don't and I get muffin top? Will they give me builders bum? Should I just give up and wear leggings and skirts forever? Do skinny jeans make my legs look like golf clubs? Are they going to be super uncomfortable and cut off my circulation? 

Previously, I have gone for Topshop, which are OK, but fairly expensive, and quite inconsistent. I really wanted to like the Leigh supersoft skinny ones, but the fit seemed so odd I never actually got any. I've also tried Primark, with middling success. You have to be so careful there, and choose the right pair, or they just look cheap or stretch and go misshapen. And the denim can feel weeeird sometimes. 

But. Recently, I lucked out in H&M. A few months ago I randomly picked up a pair of jeans that was juuuuust right (clickee here). They were the super super skinny ones, and the material was soft, stretchy (but didn't go misshapen), they were majorly comfortable, and they looked good (and some amazing workout clothes too, which I will be talking more about in a future post!)

So once I knew I had nailed my size and fit, I got some more online. 

Yay! They are just as good. I actually got two pairs, one is a bit more high waisted and a nice black washed out denim, and the pair you can see me modelling above, with my super stylish slippers. 

They are seriously good. I know everyone has different denim preferences, but these have me sorted now. Jeans are not something I lust after, but rather a necessity to pull any outfit together. 

They cost £29.99, but I got them on offer- buy one get one half price, and I had a discount from joining the newsletter subscription, so I didn't pay too much. And it's worth it 100%. I really recommend you check out H&M denim, it's seriously awesome. And you can get more basic pairs for like a tenner. Here is their selection, there seem to be some good reductions on at the moment too :)

Do you wear jeans?
Do you like buying them?
Do you have a fave pair and where are they from? 


Sunday, 28 September 2014

What's on my everyday face?

I've got my morning face down to a nice simple art. I think this important, to optimize important faffing time, and I'm actually pretty pleased that I am able to look suitable for human viewing with only a few products. This is really my bare minimum, of course I will go bare faced if I am slobbing about (actually that's a lie, always time for eyeliner), at the gym, or running, but I usually whack some slap on somewhere along these lines. 

This is in no way related to my new favourite thing of leaving some above the lid eyeliner on when I am cleansing, so it's a lot easier to draw the line on the next morning. I am a skank. But I am actually getting pretty good at speedy eyeliner so I must stop this. Plus, I have some nice new cleansers (and a ton of half finished ones) so there is no excuse. 

Also, I am a makeup lover, so given time I could have a play with different products, but this is great for when I am half asleep and the light is bad as it is TOO EARLY ugh. 

Here's what I do. 

Sometimes I will have a quick wipe around with a toner, at the moment I have the Garnier Micellar water on the go, which is OK at a push, but I wouldn't buy again. It doesn't feel nice, I can't really explain it, but it's not refreshing and doesn't feel like it cleans properly, like it's leaving some kind of film behind. I like the Boots No7 cleansing water a lot better, but I've nearly run out, boo, and now have a stonking great bottle of the Garnier stuff to plough through. 

Anyway. Yes. After this, some moisturiser. I'm rotating between some Garnier ones (moisture match, they're well priced and good) and the Clinque Dramatically Different sample from a magazine. 

Then I slap on a pump of the ole foundation. I have repurchased the L'oreal Lumi Magique, but am actually getting on pretty well with the Maybelline Dream Satin one. It was a barg at £6 from Tesco.

Eyeliner time. I can't currently be without a good swoop of black above my eye. For this I use the Collection colour extreme pen eyeliner, they are legit- cheap, don't come off, easy to apply, all good. 

Mascara time- I don't have a go-to mascara, at the moment I have a 17 at Boots one, but I do like the Cover Girl one I got from Canada.  Mascara is good because it covers up any random eyeliner gaps!

And that, my friends, is it. I mix it up occasionally, but if I had to grab a handful of things for a week away, this would be what I'd go for. 

Looking back through some old posts has made me remember some old faves. Here's my morning face from 2012! So youthful. 

Getting to grips with Twitter

This morning, as I have a bit of time before Zumba (yay Zumba), I decided to get back on Twitter and try and make more of it.

I am not terribly Twitter savvy, but I would like to be, as it seems like a fab way of connecting with other bloggers, and brands too. Actually, I'm not technology savvy in general, but I'm getting there. 

What I would love to do is tweet daily, get more followers, but mainly follow more bloggers I love to read, and the brands I like too. 

So, I need some help! 

My twitter name is @runinmywellies, if you would rather tweet me the help of course!

What's your twitter name? 
Who are some fab bloggers you follow? 
How can I get involved in some chats on there?
Which brands are good to follow?
What other social media do you love using?

Pls help...

So looking forward to hearing any recommendations. And of course excited about being the twitter queen!

Suppose I had better get the lingo down... #thanks ;)


Saturday, 27 September 2014

I Dig (or I Want) 27.9.14

OI am feeling soooo spendy at the moment. I don't know what it is, but I just want to buy things all the time. I am trying to cure it by doing virtual shopping, which is a combo of adding things to my online basket, and making posts like these. 

I am feeling like becoming more of a grown up in the way I smell. No more fruity beauty products, girl. For some reason, the brand Korres is really calling to me...

or Almond and Linseed shampoo... they just look so cool and classy. I've linked from feelunique.com, but they're available in Waitrose too, which if frankly dangerous. Once I have my free coffee I feel like I have won, and will buy anything.

M&S body butters £6. Isn't the packaging pretty? I actually want the fig one, or the peach and almond one, but couldn't find them online. 

I really want the Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt fragrance. I love sea inspired/herby scents, and I wiped a magazine on me that had this in it, and it was so lush. £30 though. Ho hum.

$20 baseball tees from Look Human! I bloody am addicted to this site, I've featured them before on I Digs here and here and probably other times too. I have recently decided I am a Slytherin...

...but would probably date a Hufflepuff.

Still feeling like getting Converse. I love these feather ones. 

I have been keeping my eyes open for this hair mask from LOreal Everriche. I love the shampoo and conditioner from this line, and think this would be great. But I haven't spied it in supermarkets, so might hit up Boots...

I love this fox image that I pinned. I've got a fox thing (along with hares and otters and seals and wolves).

I need to wake up and make it happen! 30 Day Shred has happened 5 grand times now, but I need to do more. More!

Check out some more of my awesome taste in pins here.

And some blog love...

Anna the Apple- fab running girl who is doing the Berlin marathon, so jel. And she is an apple addict like moi.

Autumn Leaves- such a consistently useful beauty blog.

Flake and Cake- need a race recap soon!

Salad and Sequins- usually I dislike blog challenge months, but this one is actually really good and fun to read. Changed my opinion on Blog-tember and the like!

Running Cupcake- a fab baker, and love reading about her running and life :) Top girl!

What are you digging and lusting after at the moment?


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