Tuesday, 3 June 2014

18 quick and easy lunch ideas

There seem to be a lot of lists about at the moment. And I love reading them. So here is my contribution- some lunch ideas for if you are a poor unfortunate like me who has to pack their own lunch but is also saddled with being incompetent.

18 quick and easy on-the-go lunch ideas

A piece of bread folded in half


A blue slush puppy


Foraged roots and berries

Hot dog

Spam on a fork

The last rolo

Some chips

Floor pie

Free goo

 A whole Christmas turkey 

Wheel of cheese

Tic Tacs

Lemon Fanta


Ants on a log


You. Are. Welcome!

'I got a sandwich. What did you get for lunch Bart?'
'A pack of sugar and peanut butter smeared on a playing card.'

I have no idea what I'm on about. I'm sorry. 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Nice stuffs

Here's a blast from the past, should my posting go to plan. I wrote this a while ago but it never published properly so got lost. Here is what should have gone up about a week ago. It's time travel...yes...

Loving the three day week. Hello Friday. I will not be loving the subsequent five day arse kickers, but hey go. 

Another little life update from me, because I am feeling flakey and disorganised at the moment. I do have so many post ideas, I just need the time and the mindset to put them all together. This weekend I am planning a chill one, so it could well happen. Hold onto your hats.

I thought I'd give you a peek at some things I bought/acquired recently. This is over the last month or so, not one shopping trip.

Loving Primark as always, especially the Moomin pjs. I split the set with my housemate, so now we are both Moominified.

A few new cosmetics and a nice cheap bag. I got a moisturiser with an SPF now I am working outside a lot.

New duvet cover. It is so garish and seventies and doesn't match anything in my room.

A lovely new mug, courtesy of housemate. And I got some seventy pee books from the awesome cheapity cheap cheap bookshop in town. God love them.

Changing ze subject. I had a great few days visiting friends down in Chichester, as always. It was a hideous rainy day, so we battened down the hatches and stayed indoors with Game of Thrones, booze, and much food. I really needed this good time with friends and we had such a larf. 

On Tuesday we visited Gunwharf Quays, the outlet shopping centre in Portsmouth. I wanted to buy everything in Cath Kidston (such cowboy print), Joules (again,such prints, very wellies) and Nike, but sort of restrained myself...

Striped top and a necklace from JW. The book was a birthday gift, can't wait to get stuck in. Is it superficial that I love the cover?

A totally bargainous strawberry set from the Body Shop for twenty quid. It was worth about fifty, as had all the full size products. Plus a candle and holder, also a birthday present.

Another gift :) 

A booze gift...

And a mug gift!

Crap, better get ready for work. Later potatas! 

Favourite blogs

What ho y'all!

Just a quick heads up. Fiiinally, after many years and months procrastinating, I have updated the 'Blogs I wish were mine' page with a current list of some of my regular reads.

Do check it out!

What are your go-to blogs? Leave me some links!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Leggings, lawns, and fox head lolz

Got to love the rule of three in a blog title, eh? I like trying to make the three things as odd as possible. 

As I (and most people) have said a trillion times, I like Sundays a lot. That is, before the Sunday night dread kicks in later on, and you keep putting off going to bed because when you wake up it will be Monday morning, and yuck to that. 

Here is what is going on at the moment- I'm on a chair in the garden, and Of Monsters And Men has just popped up on Spotify- awesome.

I'm admiring my lawn mowing skills. Good job satisfaction there, especially as I used the push along. It was a top workout. And I went to Zumba this morning, walked around town, and walked the dogs, so i feel good for having done all that movement.

The car in the picture is still being naught and noisy. It is very embarrassing- passers by keep looking at me as I cruise by in my screeeechy car. I have been assured that it is 'fine' and the parts are on their way. So every journey is a new adventure in fear and cringing. It really makes you appreciate arriving at your destination.

You will also see a trailer tent contraption, purchased by my housemate and her fella in the late hours of last night. I am v curious to see what it's like- it's huge!

The nail varnish I have by my side was a present from my brother's girlfriend. She nailed it with my gifts, all very me!

I may have some hair dying adventures later... Just a bit of blue to liven things up...

I got a few things from Primark. I saw them last week but didn't buy anything, saying to myself that if I still wanted them I would go back and get them. I did, so I did. Only eighteen quid for the three, so not bad.

These leggings are the real triumph. I have such a obsession with garish leggings, it's not even funny. And these are quite subdued compared to the ones I have my eye on on EBay. Paired with my muddy outdoor trainers, I'm quite the style icon. 

And finally. I was trying to take a snap chat and realised that I can give myself a fox face, which caused more amusement than perhaps it should. 

What item of clothing or makeup are you obsessed with? For me, it is black cat eyeliner, anything glitter, anything animal print, crazy skirts and leggings, motif tees, yellow, mustard, green, converse style shoes, stompy boots... 

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Have read/reading/will read 31.05.14

There is a fly buzzing around my room. It is super irritating but I am juuuuust that bit too comfy to get up and open the window.

I am having half an hour of chillage before I go and take the dogs out. I went for a run this morning, enjoyed a whole punnet of strawberries, did housework, went to the shops, and now am worrying about the grinding noise my car is making. Will the car worries ever end?

I am making myself do very little this weekend. I already feel more relaxed. It is nice to have no commitments every now and again. I couldn't do this all the time, I would get all antsy and bored, but i really feel I need some taking it slow time, and it's good. 

This evening I am planning on cracking on with some books. Books are my ultimate escape route, nothing else takes me away from life like they do- telly and films just don't let me shut off like they do. 

So here's how I've been getting on with the reading recently. 

Have read

The whole A Song of Ice and Fire series. I know this is old news, as I finished ages ago, but since then I had a bit of a book break, such was the awesomeness of them. I am now such a big geek and fan of the whole shebang, including the TV series (I can count on one hand the things I actually want to watch on TV, and this is number one). I seriously can't wait until Winds of Winter is out, although it will be bloody ages. The excitement from me will be like the final Harry Potter times a million.


I've been having a Jill Mansell binge, her books are so easy to read, light, fun, and harmless. They are all so interchangeable I have trouble remembering which I have read and which I haven't. But I do love them. They are great to slip into after a hard old day.

Will read

This book was a birthday present- a friend and I have started a tradition of giving each other books. I love it when people recommend a book to me. I know nothing about this one, but am just waiting for the right moment to get stuck in.

A mish mash of a pile... I started rereading the Jilly Cooper on holiday last month and still have a bit to go, but I'll keep that there for when I am at a loose end. I started the Louise Bagshawe Passion one, but it irritated me so it's on the back burner for when I get desperate. A couple more Jill Mansells, I think I may have read them... I find her titles are so generic and irrelevant to the book I never know what happens in which book! And a young adult pick to fill the Hunger Games void, I got The Maze Runner for when I fancy some fast paced exciting stuff.

I love having books on the go and new things lined up to read! 

What are you reading? Any recommendations? 

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