Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Dumping photos all over yo internets

Seems I have amassed quite a collection of photos on my phone and IPad, so thought I would do some sharing and give you an insight into the exciting variety of things I have deemed fit to photograph, and the rich and exciting tales behind them.

Such as.

Table of chaos at a recent BBQ. I remember downing a bottle of Budweiser, then playing a very very long game of beer pong. There was amazing cake, this I know. 

Gerigerigerigeri. Always and forever my favourite Spice Girl.

We had a family day sponsored by Waitrose, and a well as eating a lot of free Geo Bars and actually, you know, doing my job, I got my face painted. 

Suddenly my emails went mental, and I realised it was because I got retweeted by my favourite band ever, Stornoway!

One of their songs is all about it being a Monday night in June, sitting in the garden, and having 'one chair for myself... And another for my feeeeeeet....' So I obvs had to celebrate this on the correct day. 

I was slightly disconcerted that a very unscientific Buzzfeed quiz managed to guess my age spot on.

We got the dogs a dried turkey neck each from the tack shop. They stank to high heaven but the hounds bloody loved them. Hairy was making growly 'stay away stay away' noises as he chewed through fear he would lose his delicious neck.

I made the grave error of using the bag they came in to take my lunch to work the next day. 

Had to send this image to my cake baking friend. Look at that unicorn cake. Look at it!!

I had quite an in depth discussion with another friend about the best fruit/veg to use to fashion helmets for Hairy and Small. 

Sure this is another Buzzfeed image, and again, it's bang on point. 

Bonjour work sheeps!

I walked around the lake yesterday, and loved this sign. We have a 'bus shelter' at the far end as a bit of a joke.

Visited Brighton a few weekends ago, oh my it was rather lush to sit by the sea with a cider. 

We had a quick stroll around some shops in between drinking times, and I enjoyed this reassuring book.

My mum has gifted me her bike! I can add it to my list of things I am officially in love with. It is the best exercise for a hot day.

And finally, I have had to join the digital age. This is my new Nokia Lumia, I am so far not a huge fan. I'm simple minded and miss my brick.

Question time.

Who is your favourite Spice Girl?
Do you ever cycle?
Would you go as far as to fashion your pets fruit helmets in the interest of comedy?


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

I frigging love this character... Boromir


Image from Pinterest
Buckle your seatbelts, this will be a long 'un.

When I first read Lord of the Rings I thought 'this Boromir dude is a bit of a dick, who does he think he is?' Then I got into the story properly, and when we found out a bunch of stuff about him after he died I was like 'bugger me, Boromir is awesome'.

 I have wanted to write a piece sticking up for him for ages, so hear me out. I think there are some important things to consider before coming to conclusions about his character.

I'm going to assume you have a working knowledge of Lord of the Rings, because it's much more interesting that way. If you have a spare nine thousand hours free, do watch the films and read the books.

Boromir is the son of the Steward of Gondor, i.e. the guy who rules in the place of the King. So already, all these guys have a big old chip on their shoulder to the tune of 'we do the job of a King, why don't we get to be a King and all that?'

Also. Gondor is right next to Mordor, the land of darkness and evil and general all round awfulness. So they are the first line in defence and usually end up sweeping up all of the crud that comes out of there, before it hits all the other lands. So they do all the hard graft while the other lands sit around chilling. Or at least that's how they see it.

SO. This malarky has been going on all Boromir's life. Coupled with this, he also has Family Issues (with capital letters, oh yes). His mum died when he was 10. His Dad (the Steward) basically thinks Boromir is the best, but hates Faramir- Boromir's younger brother. Boromir and Faramir are bros, though, which is pretty sweet.

Tensions are mounting between Gondor and Mordor- war is on the horizon. Then, Faramir starts getting these weird premonition type dreams, telling him to go to Imladris (secret and mysterious chateau de elves) and find this sword and all kind of shenanigans. Faramir has the dream a few times, then Boromir chimes up and says he has it too. Denethor is all like 'oooh, let's get involved' so he sends Boromir off to investigate, even though Faramir thinks he should have been chosen to go.

This scene is the best
Image from Pinterest

(Question- who else things Boromir fibbed about having the dream? I do. Either to get to go on an adventure, or to save his brother from having to... still, I smell fishiness. But that's total conjecture.)

He gets to Rivendell after a loooong journey of 40 days (he even loses his horse, must have been a mission) and literally the day after he gets there they have the Council meeting. So bearing in mind he is knackered, he then has to deal with all this shit about how, instead of using this Ring to deal with Mordor, they want to give it to a tiny defenceless Hobbit and send it off to be destroyed. You can see why he was all like 'whaaaat the?' To him, and understandably so, they are basically just handing it to the enemy.

Still, he goes with them on the Ring destroying quest.. I think he didn't totally trust them, and (due to all the above reasons) didn't want to let this game-changing thing out of his sight. And on the well-known Ring journey, he is super useful (carrying wood, carrying Hobbits, killing things, and what have you). But I feel he still gets a bad rep. He's not greedy, or easily corrupted, or a dick, or anything. He is sick of seeing his people die and Mordor do what they want, and ultimately sees the Ring as a way of stopping this awfulness he's had to deal with all his life.

His demise comes when he is eventually overcome by the Ring's crazy powers, and tries to take it from Frodo. Personally, I think he did bloody well to get that far. The Ring is meeeean. He is also made to look as he is compared against all the other guys who are, for one reason or another, seem comparably immune to it.

I think it's a heartbreaking scene. He has a moment's lapse, then immediately regrets it, and is racked with guilt that he's screwed everything up. Then, he's mobbed by Uruk-Hai, shot with gnarly arrows, and still manages to protect the Hobbits. His dying scene is the worst, both in the books and movie. Sean Bean is my favourite.

I feel like we actually get to know Boromir better after he's died, especially in the books. I love all the insights into their aforementioned family dynamics, and we do get such a better understanding of his character and motives through Faramir, Denethor, and other bits of information. His death is truly gutting, especially when seen through the eyes of Faramir.

I also admire this as a storytelling device from Tolkien. Him (and in a more general sense, fantasy authors) are sometimes criticised because characters never seem to be in real peril- they somehow get out of it (Gandalf is a classic example). On the other end of the scale is GRR Martin (who I also love)- no one is safe! I can see why Boromir had to die. On a personal level, I wish he hadn't died, as he is my fantasy boyfriend, and I would have been proper cut up if he hadn't come back to me.

I hope I've done the big guy justice.

But anyway. Boromir lives. He's da man.

Aaaand now I'm crying... dammit.

Image from Pinterest

Monday, 28 July 2014


Warning, here comes a generic 'oh shit I haven't blogged for ages' post.

I'm not going to be obnoxious and pretend like I think anyone cares greatly, but I care, and I feel bad! I just left it for that liiiiitle bit too long, too long to just rock back in brazenly with my usual inane gubbins, so after a bit I decided just to let it lie for a while.

I am sometimes an all-or-nothing person, which I know doesn't make all that much sense, as you can't be all-or-nothing some of the time, because that would make you an a-bit-or-some-things person.

And actually, over the last few months I felt like, if I blogged anything, it would be a bit dull and repetitive. I couldn't think of anything different to say that I hadn't said last year, or the year before. Oh, I'm sure I could have done if I had tried, but nothing was springing to mind. I have been feeling a bit like 'oh, so I got a new top from Primark, or some new shampoo, so bloody what' which is silly because that is exactly the kind of harmless stuff I enjoy reading.

But I have missed blogging, and I want to crack on, so there it is! I'm going to try and be more organised and think of some varied and impulsive post ideas, as well as keep my life updated, to a point, as well.

I was considering doing a proper 'life update' post, but it would be as boring as hell. Observe.


Going OK, ta. A bit tired sometimes, occasionally stressed, but on the whole loving it.


Chuntering on with the running... got a bike, so that's good. Gym is the gym. Yes.


I like Fudge shampoo.


Dogs are LEG-EN-DARY. But we knew this.


I tried to make halva, and it went terribly. I like making stir fries at the moment as we have an awesome wok. I am having a love affair with RH Whites lemonade lollies.


Life, oh life, oh, li-i-i-i-fe...oh life.... do do do do do.

I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things, and resurrecting my beloved blogging hobby.

I am still reading blogs, by the way. But I read them on my I-Pad so it's a right old faff to comment when using the Bloglovin' app. How do folks get around this? I tend to give posts a heart when I like them.

So just wanted to say hi!

How are you?


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

18 quick and easy lunch ideas

There seem to be a lot of lists about at the moment. And I love reading them. So here is my contribution- some lunch ideas for if you are a poor unfortunate like me who has to pack their own lunch but is also saddled with being incompetent.

18 quick and easy on-the-go lunch ideas

A piece of bread folded in half


A blue slush puppy


Foraged roots and berries

Hot dog

Spam on a fork

The last rolo

Some chips

Floor pie

Free goo

 A whole Christmas turkey 

Wheel of cheese

Tic Tacs

Lemon Fanta


Ants on a log


You. Are. Welcome!

'I got a sandwich. What did you get for lunch Bart?'
'A pack of sugar and peanut butter smeared on a playing card.'

I have no idea what I'm on about. I'm sorry. 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Nice stuffs

Here's a blast from the past, should my posting go to plan. I wrote this a while ago but it never published properly so got lost. Here is what should have gone up about a week ago. It's time travel...yes...

Loving the three day week. Hello Friday. I will not be loving the subsequent five day arse kickers, but hey go. 

Another little life update from me, because I am feeling flakey and disorganised at the moment. I do have so many post ideas, I just need the time and the mindset to put them all together. This weekend I am planning a chill one, so it could well happen. Hold onto your hats.

I thought I'd give you a peek at some things I bought/acquired recently. This is over the last month or so, not one shopping trip.

Loving Primark as always, especially the Moomin pjs. I split the set with my housemate, so now we are both Moominified.

A few new cosmetics and a nice cheap bag. I got a moisturiser with an SPF now I am working outside a lot.

New duvet cover. It is so garish and seventies and doesn't match anything in my room.

A lovely new mug, courtesy of housemate. And I got some seventy pee books from the awesome cheapity cheap cheap bookshop in town. God love them.

Changing ze subject. I had a great few days visiting friends down in Chichester, as always. It was a hideous rainy day, so we battened down the hatches and stayed indoors with Game of Thrones, booze, and much food. I really needed this good time with friends and we had such a larf. 

On Tuesday we visited Gunwharf Quays, the outlet shopping centre in Portsmouth. I wanted to buy everything in Cath Kidston (such cowboy print), Joules (again,such prints, very wellies) and Nike, but sort of restrained myself...

Striped top and a necklace from JW. The book was a birthday gift, can't wait to get stuck in. Is it superficial that I love the cover?

A totally bargainous strawberry set from the Body Shop for twenty quid. It was worth about fifty, as had all the full size products. Plus a candle and holder, also a birthday present.

Another gift :) 

A booze gift...

And a mug gift!

Crap, better get ready for work. Later potatas! 

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