Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ikea and doormice and bracelets, oh my!

At work today I found a Glis Glis (a sort of dormouse) in one of the sheds. Actually, there were a few. They are pretty fearless things, and weren't afraid of me taking a picture. I felt like they might give me a nip, which explains the blurriness of the photo. 

I felt as if they resembled Small Dog a bit.

They look so obedient here, don't they? It's only because the photographer had biscuits.

Here is evidence of my recent minigolf failure. I really felt like I would be good at it. I blame the course.

Can you see the tension in my stance? I wanted to win. I think if we had played all eighteen holes I would have had an epic comeback. 

(This post is in absolutely no order, by the way. I just wanted to share some stuff).

In the fart end of August I visited Ikea, with a view to making my bedroom a bit more pleasant. I love this plant, having greenery makes stuff look better.

Not from Ikea, but I love a good Yankee candle. The two on the right smell like Christmas exploded all over everything.

I love the leaves trailing down. This basket is great for my beauty rubbish. I have also arranged my necklaces on a frame, which is handy.

And some handy boxes. To go with my giant squid. I also got a rug, and some nice big cushions with funky covers, which brings my cushion count up to five million and nine, and I still want more.

We went to the beautiful Rushmere Country Park on a staff outing this Monday. It was a gorgeous day, and such a great place to walk around. I recommend a visit if you're near Leighton Buzzard.

They have a big slide which I went down. It was very scary.

I had to take a photo of the desk I was using while I was getting worksheets ready for a school visit next week. Such organisation!

I also stopped to admire my wrist adornements. The metal one was a quid from a charity shop, the other is from a collection of rather lovely presents from Italy. I love the bling. 

Look how much paler my hand is than my arm. Why? I haven't even fake tanned or worn gloves.

Other things that have happened (I know, no photo or it didn't happen, but trust me). 

-I went to The Rex cinema to see Hercules. It was hilarious. I especially enjoyed The Rock, and the special speech at the end, which went along the lines of 'you don't have to be a demigod to achieve your dreams!' I am so motivated.
-I made oat cookies that I forgot about in the oven and they went hard, but then I carried them around in my rucksack for a bit and they went nice and soft. Result. 
-I've done the 30 Day Shred two days in a row! What is happening?

I've got a few mad days up ahead, with an event I am organising happening on Thursday night, a festival to go to for work on Sunday, then a jam packed week of schools and other childreny stuff. And I need to make a cake with a badger on. For no reason other than I said I would, and now I have to. 

Tell me something from your recent past. Ooh, sounds mystical...


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Primark picks- amongst the tat I found goodies

I went into Primark on Sunday after Zumba. At first I was hit by a sea of naff knitwear. Ugh. There was really nothing I fancied. All the good stuff was the leftover summer items, which I really couldn't justify (even though I know it was a trick, winter is coming). 

Then, I had a proper rummage, went into my Primark trance, and found some gear. 

This is my chav coat. I think it is definitely on the borderline of being a tad chavtastic, anyway. The hood has a zip down it! Why? I got a size 16, as it was the smallest they had, so it comes up big, but is can imagine slinging it on when it's a cold day and cosying up. I am still a bit on the fence, £23 quid is cheap but I'm not sure...

Amongst the cheap looking sweaters I found some gems. The hoodies and sweats look lovely and soft. I got a zip up charcoal one to sling on. The lovely patterned garment is a pinafore style dress. I have been after something like this for ages, and it keeps eluding me, I can only ever find it randomly hung in the wrong place in the wrong size. So I got a 14, it's too big, but I'll belt it! There's also a nice white tank top in a weird material, a tunic style sleeveless tee dress thing for a fiver, and I had to have the Game of Thrones top, as tacky as it is. 

I can always rely on Primers to give me accessories that are what I am after, but cheaper than anywhere else. These slippers were four pounds, the ones I had eyed up on EBay were twenty. I got a phone pockets for my arm when I run, we'll see how it goes! Also my standard bra and pants buys (there are some nice soft stripey ones about £1.70 which seems a lot for Primark, but they are good). A fox hat for £3, because I work on a nature reserve so it's justified, and a very nice and more expensive than it is looking (I think) bag, so I am not lugging about a big satchel thing all the time.

So not a bad haul. I fully advocate having a rummage and assessing each purchase. I am often dragged in my stuff that is cheap, but looks cheap. Their burnout tees, for example, look good on the hanger, but are see through and get holes in and stretch so fast, your better off going to Topshop. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the liner in the bag. What a nice detail. 

Do you do Primark? Any tips or go-to purchases? I've got to say the seamless bras, pants, socks, and tights. Cheaper nowhere else. Otherwise,it's a gamble. Go in smart, think logically, that's what I am trying to do! 

On a side note, is it sad that I sometimes keep the stuff in the bag for a bit, and treat myself by going into the bag and trying something new? Like, I'm still waiting for a moment to move stuff into the new bag. Got to stretch out the shopping joy!


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tesco finds- repurchases, a new try, and a peanut butter gold mine

I live by some pretty decent Tesco stores (affectionately known as Big Tesco) and they're rather good for beauty bits. Actually, I rarely stop off in Boots or Superdrug, unless I happen to be near one, because I can get all my goodies in the supermarket. And also, offers! There are always cracking deals to be had. And club card points. And if it slips into the basket on a weekly shop, it doesn't count, did you know?

I am in love with this Garnier body tonic. It is so light, refreshing, smells great, and says it tones and firms too (probably bollocks, but hey). I was alarmed to see it reduced, because it was to clear, implying it might be discontinued or something! No! I have used this for ages so it's nice and nostalgic for me, and great for when I can't be arsed to faff with body butter like a greased up greaseball. 

My new try is the Garnier cleansing water, which was also reduced at about two pounds summink. I find that when I wash my face and cleanse I usually have eye makeup and bits of gunk still left in (a hazard of my eyeliner obsession). So I'm going to use this to have a cleany clean face before bed. 

The Lumi Magique foundation is a repurchase, because I bloody love it. It ticks all the boxes. It's a tenner, so a little more expensive, but worth it, as I know I won't buy anything else until it runs out. 

I got these guys at Big Tesco no.2. It was massive! It's in Watford, and has a huge beauty hall, health section, a bakery... legit. Whilst browsing I got some protein powder sample packs, some cheap coconut oil (doesn't smell coconutty, boo) and this Organix shampoo which I am v excited to try (sad). 

The big triumph is as follows.

There's a story attached to this. On a previous Big Tesco visit, I had an inkling to purchase some new peanut butter (this was when they had a health promo on, so had some different gear in stock), specifically, PB with coconut in. I couldn't find it anywhere, so decided I had dreamt it and moved on with my life.

Yesterday, though, I let out a big swear word because there I saw the stuff I thought only existed in my dreams. 

I suppose you're wondering why I didn't get one or two pots, like a sane person. Wellllll, they were only a quid each, so I thought sod it, and got them all. 

Only thing is, I haven't tried this flavour, so I bloody hope I like it! 

What's your favourite supermarket? I am in love with going to the supermarket. I love a Big Tesco, a Big Asda, or for normal times a normal sized Sainsburys. For treats and free coffee- Waitrose. For a change- Morrisons. To pretend I am on holiday I go to Lidl. To get angry and buy nothing I go to Aldi. For super fun times as a biiiiig treat it's Costco times! 

Friday, 5 September 2014

Ebay- I can has? No. 5

I haven't hit up Ebay for a little while. I usually go through little flurries of purchases, but nothing recently has caught my eye. I have had a wee browse though, and gone through some saved items and things on the old watch list, and here are a few of my picks.

Joules wellies £55.99
Fresh Prince tee £9.95
Moccasin slippers £19.99
Mizon Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream £3.90
3 step blackhead kit £8.48
Alphabet stamps £2.95
Satchel £46.86

Like I often say on these posts, I am trying not to buy random tat. And I have been doing quite well with this. I'm attempting to get into the mindset of getting nice things I really want. I tend to think its better to get cheapo things, but actually if I get a ton of crap it works out the same price as one cool thing I actually want. And if I do it the sensible way I don't end up with a ton of crap littering up my life. Winners all round. But, like I also always say, it's worth checking Ebay any time you want to buy something. I often find things cheaper on there, especially cheaper than shops. 

I do really like the satchel, even though it is way too expensive for me. But I've included it so I remember what I like. I'm also always intrigued by the Korean beauty products. I can't read the descriptions so have no idea what they do, but they just look so cool. I might buy some for a play. How comfy do the slippers look? I think if anything, they will be the ones I get. Lazy comfort is what I am all about. 

How often do you use Ebay? Got any fave sellers or items?

Thursday, 4 September 2014

I Dig 4.9.14

In love with this wolf jumper from Topshop. It's out of stock now, boo.

Rather like this jumper too though...

Spotted these pretty earrings on Etsy. I really like this style, and especially the constellation themed ones.

I got me another geek top from No I am not sponsered by them. Yais I would like to be.

Adidas workout clothing is cool, I've never checked it out before but there is a bunch of stuff on their website I like. Including garish things like this top.

Can't beat a gnarly grey tee. I also like Buy Me Brunch stuff, which I discovered on good old Pinterest.

My friend made a frigging amazing chocolate brownie cake. We demolished it.

Dark glittery reindeer is watching the candle burn. Deep...

Lighting a log fire which went very well I must say (I am a great firestarter).

I'd like a llama pls.

I would like to be good at golf but judging by my awful mini golf performance I have a way to go (i.e. I lost).

Pic from Alpro

I have discovered almond milk is really nice in tea and coffee, but especially in tea. Who'd have thought it? I am trying to drink a bit less cow juice, because when you think about it it's weird. I'm not stopping completely, but adding some variety here and there can't help.

I want to make these cookies from Broma Bakery. Actually, I want someone else to make them and then give them to me. Because I am a lazy feck.

Aaaaand... I found a huge mushroom at work.

So that, stuff fans, is my post full of stuff. Imagine how good I would be if I was all organised and themed and things. Imagine. But I am not.

What are you digging at ze moment?
Let me know by commenting via my new fancy Disqus system I have popped in below. I hope it works! I got it so I can reply to any lovely messages, because if you reply via Blogger it relies on the person to check back and aint nobody got time fo that! So I'd love to hear from you.

(And, as always, check out my Pinterest for more greatness.)

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