Sunday, 19 October 2014

Ebay- I can has? no.6 (Tartan edition!)

It's time for some EBay loving! 

Truth be told, I don't have the cash for any spending at the moment, I am more focused on trying to sell stuff! I have bought way too much random stuff without really thinking over the last few months, and need to tone it down a lot. 

Still, nothing wrong with a little browse. I like to keep a record of stuff I like on here, so when I do have the cash I can buy something I really want. And sometimes, things lose their luster after being considered for a while. 

I don't know what it is, but I am in love with tartan dresses, and pinafore style dresses. I have a pinafore-sequel dress that looks like it has been coloured with highlighters but I love it. They are good for layering. I call it my dinner lady apron. 

So, I am seriously considering this blue one as my next purchase, plus the black pinafore one too for layering. 

I've also featured some essential oils, because they are great for all sorts of beauty shenenigans, plus I use a few drops when cleaning the house to make it smell less like dog and more like niceness. 

Tartan smock £30 plus £2 p&p
Tartan skater £9.99
Tartan pinafore £19.99 plus £3.99 p&p
Black pinafore £7.25
Essential oils 5ml from 99p

What do you think of my tartan obsession? When will it be resolved?


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Best shampoos and conditioners for dry hair

If I had to describe my hair type I'd go with damaged, dry, split ends, fine, frizzy in the rain... and generally shit. I'm not on a looks downer or anything (somehow I have avoided spots thus far in my life, for example) but I know my hair is in bad condition as I basically batter it daily with hair dryers and straighteners. 

So, I try to get as much moisture into it as possible when I was it, so it doesn't all break off. I need to bite the bullet and trim the ends, really, but for damage limitation, I find these guys pretty good for a moisture injection...

Korres almond and linseed shampoo (I paid £10 from Feel Unique)
I mentioned my desire for Korres products in this recent wishlist post, and decided to go for the shampoo. It is overall really nice and pleasant to use, and it does feel moisturising but doesn't make my hair greasy. Good smell, awesome bottle. I may not repurchase because of the price, and it doesn't trump my beloved OGX, but I like.

OGX coconut milk shampoo (around £6, from Tesco, Boots, Waitrose, and online)
I have mentioned this shampoo on the blog tons of times, and repurchased at least three, so that says a lot for a perpetual product swapper! Here's a more concise mention, but yeah, it's fab. 

L'Oreal Everriche hair masque (around £6, I got this from Feel Unique)
Do you know what, I really like the L'Oreal Everriche range. It ticks all the boxes. Specifically, the smell is one of my faves, it has no sulfates or nasties, is always on offer in supermarkets... can't say a bad word really! I like this masque more than the standard conditioner, it really does the trick, and you only need a little bit. I reccomend the shampoo too!

Garnier The Sleek Restorer 1 minute treatment (a few quid from most supermarkets)
I put this in as a wildcard entry, it's great for when I don't have time to leave it soaking in, especially in the gym! Nice and thick and coconutty, and does moisturise well, so fab for when you're in a rush!

Do you have any hair woes?
What are your current go to shower grabs?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Monday musings

God, let's just take a moment to shake our heads collectivity at the super shite weather. We had a power cut this morning. A power cut, I ask you! I have the day off today as I worked the weekend, and luckily I got my morning coffee in before it went kablamo. It's up again at the moment, so I hope it stays. Aah, country life.

Going back to the end of last week... I was delighted to see the sign I routed and painted was up! This is for the children's play area.

We also had a mad few days prepping for the fungi weekend on the reserve. There was a big diorama of tons of different shrooms, and loads of examples foraged from the local area. It was stunning.

The guys had to chop down a tree and all. 

We made fungi crafts with the kids, and had a laugh. We also made peg dolls of all the staff in quiet moments... Here's me! 

I didn't make myself :) but it was so funny. Here is the team...

To the belated weekend! 

Now. I was supposed to run the Oxford half marathon yesterday. You've probably gathered by now I did not run. My back is still hurting, not as bad as it was, but I am really trying to look after it and get better. This, coupled with poorliness and busy work has meant I have not trained properly. If the race was on my doorstep I would have sucked it up and gone, but it was a long way away, and I have a full month of work to get through. So I made a difficult choice and didn't go. Sure, I feel bad, and a bit lame. But I knew I couldn't go into work having done a half mara, and complain about my back being bad. Doing it just didn't feel sensible. 

Looking back, I shouldn't have signed up to it. I'll learn from this mistake, as if I'm honest the stress of getting to and from Oxford didn't help, and look for a good local one to do, and train properly. Or perhaps go for a shorter race altogether, as I don't think I am much of a distance runner. Ten k or a bit more perhaps, is what I will aim for. 

Fingers crossed, it's feeling better. I want to try and introduct some yoga type stuff, and get stronger. 

Onwards and upwards!

Here's some other random crap from Sunday.

Small Dog clearly has a vendetta against things with two ears. This most recent act of violence is all the more disturbing because a) the dog looks like her, b) she has chewed off the correct ear, and c) she was in the room with this toy for a long time. She had opportunity to continue her mauling, but didn't. So I know this was calculated, and she is not to be trusted. 

I was carrying my rucksack and was like 'phew it's like a log is in here' then I remembered that there was a log in there. These rounds were chopped up for me by a chainsaw wizard, and I will make some awesome props for our school sessions. 

Another lovely chap gifted me with this rather manly moisturiser... I felt like I was looking pasty and appaz this will do the job.

I got some more of my fave Yankee Candles from Tesco, in vanilla honey. Mmmmm. I want one of the mahoosive jars, but such expense.

And, on a sad note, I am getting through my stash! Two jars at home, and one at work, and then what??? I am scarily reliant on this stuff. 

Ever not run a race you were signed up to?
What is your peanut butter kryptonite?
Do your pets have any psychotic tendencies?


Friday, 10 October 2014

I Dig 10.10.14

Thank you for your helpful advice on my half marathon woes post. Still not sure what I'm going to do... we'll see!

I would be all like 'wahey it's Friday crack open the fatted calf' but I am working tomorrow so boo to that. It is a fungi weekend on the reserve. I doubt we will find a zombie hand mushroom, but it should be good all the same. 

Here I am, bringing some cheer to the end of the week with some good and great things,

I got Small Dog a dinosaur outfit off Ebay. I was a bit pissed so it was a nice surprise when it arrived! A surprise in different ways for each of us... she is not in love with it.

I rediscovered online shop Vintage Style Me when browsing an old I Dig post. I want so much! I haven't dabbled with a co-ord outfit, but this one is so cool.

On the same post I also found the Nerd Alert Etsy store again. I am coverting all the skirts.

How absolutely stunning and beautiful is this necklace from Shark Alley? 

My housemate got us each a fox pillow, which I am fully on board with. Think it's from a shop called Giraffe. 

It was a very dramatic and stormy afternoon at work, and I managed to get a rainbow picture. At what age do people stop being delighted by rainbows? I hope that day never comes for me.

I randomly got a new watch. Bling. 

Another brilliant stormy photo. The patches of sunlight coming through gave it such a surreal quality. 

Some blog love...

I want to go back to Berlin always and forever, and Powered by Peanut Butter have made me extra jealous with this post about tasty food spots. 

Sophie in the Sticks saw seals on the beach. Seals are my favourite. 

Even Artichokes Have Hearts made me lust over things from the handmade fair she visited. It's from this post I found the Shark Alley online shop which I posted about above. 

Fiterazzi made me want some funky workout headbands. Shame it's all USA, but a good browse.

Helene in Between made me want to go to Texas solely to eat fried food. 

What on earth was I doing this time two whole years ago? Rattling on about the same old stuff, appaz! In some ways, I have changed. I others...I have not.


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Half marathon woes and doubts...

BUT WAIT!!! Before I moan, here is a photo of Small Dog as a child. 

Now she is much more knowing and sinister, but...aaawwwww. She was such a baby.

Aaaanyhoozles... here's my stock foam rolling/crazy compression socks photo to signify a half marathon update (previous one here and another here).

In short... I am sooo not ready for this. And I am having serious doubts. 

In long... my training has quite frankly sucked, I have gone for days without running, and my furthest distance is only about 6.5 miles. It has sucked because I haven't really wanted to go running for two hours. I have been working out- 30 day shred, swimming, cycling, Zumba, cross trainer- but running hasn't floated my boat. Sometimes it's purely because of time- in the mornings I have time to do a 25 minute shred or a 2.5 mile run, after work quite frankly I don't want to. I've been poorly, I've had work coming out of my ears... I have not found training 'properly' easy.

Running is not the be-all-and-end-all for me. I love it, for lots of reasons (it's cheap, so easy, good for the soul, nice to get out and about, and of course, boasting...) but I want to do other exercise too, and if I am training for a big old race I have to prioritise the running. I feel guilty if I do anything else, but if I fancy a bike ride, or a Zumba, why should I feel bad? Stupid brain and its stupidness.

The fact that I just can't be arsed also comes into play. If I could click my fingers and be at the start and off I go, fine, but I have to drive to Oxford, dick about with parking and Park and Rides and finding places that I don't know where they are... gah. It all seemed much simpler when I got the entry a few months ago. 

My main worry is my back. I haven't talked about it much on here, but I do get A Bad Back sometimes (more neck/shoulder pain). I've been to an osteopath and know what my problem is, but recently it's been made worse by sitting at a desk for work, and other factors too I'm sure, that I can't figure out. 

So my back is my main excuse, but there are all these other niggles and worries chewing at my mind that are making me think 'sod it, don't do it, who cares, just look after yourself and enjoy your day off instead.' 

But then. The Guilt will be real. 

What would you do? I know what I should do (suck it up and go), but it is not what I want to do. 

So yarse. Advice pls. 

Hairy Dog felt left out, so here he is too in finest photobomb style. 


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