Saturday, 19 April 2014

Nivea Soft moisturiser- I love it

I often ponder about spending money on beauty products (I live a rich and fulfilling life, it's true). Sometimes I'm like 'you have to spend ze money to get ze quality', but other times I feel like a mug for wasting all that cash on stuff that's probably the same as Tesco Value, and think I should wash my face with soap and water and moisturise with lard. 

I hope I've got a good balance. I don't buy high end stuff, but I do like to try things out and probably have a bit more product kicking about than is strictly needed. I could definitely refine and shrink my collection, but hey, it brings me joy. 

There are some things I am not arsed about, like mascara, lip balm, lipstick (I literally never wear lipstick). I have one, when it runs out I buy another. Easy. 

Other things, like shampoo or moisturisers, I have a ton of. If I see something I like the look of or fancy trying I grab it, even if I already have four on the go. 

Anyway, I deviate. I was talking about expensive vs. cheap. Like I said, I swing back and forth between this. I splashed out on some Redken conditioner, and it is truly good shiz. But people have lush hair and just wash with Head and Shoulders, so I don't know. 

I remember reading a while ago somewhere online about how the bog standard Nivea moisturiser (the one in the blue tub) had been tested against the insanely expansive Creme De La Mer cream, and the Nivea came out on top. 

This all links in nicely with my current favourite moisturiser- Nivea soft cream. It really is a pretty cracking all round product. My skin is normal, veering occasionally to the dry side, and I just use this everywhere- face, hands, body- and it does the job. It soaks in quickly, stops my skin being dry, doesn't overload or irritate, has a lovely fresh subtle scene, comes in a handy hygienic tube, you can get it pretty much anywhere, and it is only a pound or two. It's a little lighter than the blue tub one, but when this runs out I may get the heavier one for more hardcore moistness (eew). 

I feel like the key is getting the basic skin care stuff right before I go mad spending any money. So I'm trying to take my makeup off properly every night, give my face a wash every morning, use oils occasionally, and keep it topped up with moisturiser. 

I do think I am lucky in that I have never had any big skin problems like spots, and I guess this sort of skin routine wouldn't work for everyone. But I do feel like it's worth having a product like this kicking about. 

What are your thoughts on spending a crap ton of money on beauty stuff?
Do you have any go-to bargains?

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

I haven't got a stitch to wear... Oh wait, yes I do.

I did a little shopping on Monday. Hey, it happens. I felt pretty smug with myself, I parked out of town in a free car park and ran in, then walked/power walked/ran when no ones was watching (i.e. a lame 'I am carrying bags' shuffle) on the way back. I changed my Euros back into pounds, then promptly spent them.

I think the running inclusion made me inclined to get some workout clothes. I love these tops from Primark- I have one in blue too- they are so comfy and flattering, and only £4. Keep your eyes open for them. I also got some 50p rings, I never wear rings but thought it might be cool to sometimes. I got one stuck on my finger for ages in the shop, which was fun. 

I also got some loose fitting light trousers, which I returned cus I'll never wear them. Wish I could pull them off, as they are so comfy!

H&M was also awesome. I got some super soft new skinny jeans, as my current Topshop pair are getting baggy (after years of sterling work). I picked up this awesome sports bra and top too, again pretty reasonably priced. I can definitely recommend Primark and H&M for exercise clothing. 

I got this skirt for £10 in the sale. I do really like it, but it's far too restrictive around the knees, resulting in an odd penguin shuffle walk which, whilst hilarious, is pretty unpractical.

I was drawn in by the blokes selling baklava, dried fruits, and olives. I swear they are hypnotising wizards. Somehow I spent £4.40 on these! I am mad. But they are almondy and good. 

My wardrobe is pretty full now. I'll always find new stuff I want, but I think an Ebay session is on the cards soon. Gotta balance it out. Or perhaps a blog sale, hmmm...

Bought anything nice recently?
Have you ever had, or bought from, a blog sale?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tuesday garden times

My brothers very kindly sorted out the mess that is (was) my garden. View the cut grass, neat hedge, and newly flattened car parking area.

I was happy to crack out the flip flops this afternoon. They had their debut run in Malta, but if the sun is out then so are my feet (I am very much a no shoes if I can help it kind of person).

Got to love this amazing chainsawed mushroom, courtesy of my housemate. I'd love to have a whole magic pixie circle of them. 

I have been enjoying hooping on the grass while the dogs play. I am also looking forward to firing up the chimenea and cooking some chickeeeen...

Oops, close your ears girls. These two have started laying eggs again, which I am fully on board with.

I love watching Hairy go into full on 'I am a fog and I play' mode. Small isn't much of a player (she's got too many sinister plots and schemes going on) but Hairy does enjoy dicking about with random items, like a dustpan or plastic bottle. I'm just happy he has found an actual toy to enjoy.

Here is Hairy with his toy, and Small eating poo. 

I have still been getting to grips with blogging from the I Pad. So far it's been a really positive addition- it's so much easier to bang out a post as I can take photos and upload them straight away. Granted, it does make for more random, unfocused posts, but I think that that is my nature so the blog should reflect it. I always love checking in here and keeping a record of what I am up to. 

And I'm also fighting my selfie fear. Here, I am seeing what I look like with a centre parting. About twelve, is the answer. In the bottom photo is accidental duck face, the top was was on purpose, for lolz.

Hope you're enjoying the beaut sun too :)

Monday, 14 April 2014

I Dig 14.4.14

Wanted to share a few holiday photos before I kick off with the links and whatnot...

I'm on the right, definitely digging sunbathing!

And here is the beatiful moment I was reunited with Small Dog!

Otherwise, here are some of my bookmarked pages and general things I have been loving recently...

First, for da lolz... Fraiser!

Look at these lil wee icing cats! Makes me want to try and make some little dogs.

Being an introvert seems to be cropping up a lot over the Internet recently. I keep having mini-epiphanies when I read the lists or articles- they are so me. It is kind of good to not feel bad about the way I am, it all ties in with how we get our energy. Basically, I see it as some people recharge around other people, some recharge alone. I really identified with this list especially.

I am in love with Wolf and Moon necklaces. This one is beautiful. I may treat myself, but then again, birthday is coming...

Game of Thrones Mr Men! I had to include my favourite guy, of course.

Some beautiful ASOIAF art

I have been loving and adoring getting my Game of Thrones on, and watching episode one series 4! Without being spoilery, OMG, that last scene. I thought it was going to go down differently to how it did. It makes me hope we're going to have a lot more of My Favourite Character TM (for those in the know, do you think the above scene will go down differently?)

Here is an interview with GRRM that I saved, some interesting stuff!

I also got geeky over this article about how pronunciation errors have over time changed our language. 

Do you have tight shoulders? Mine are sometimes. I found this post at Peanut Butter Runner so helpful- 3 yoga poses for tight, rounded shoulders. And you do them lying down!


Onto fud!

I want to make the above spiced oatmeal smoothie. Looks lush to make thick and scoop with a spoon.

After the day of two cheesecakes, I have been thinking about them a bit more. Truth be told I can take or leave a cheesecake usually, but this banana and peanut butter onecould be very good indeed!

Cookie dough oreo cake! If you're going to go all out, you got to go for it.

Ooey gooey looking peanut butter blondies.

An actually very helpful Buzzfeed list about some simple but yum and impressive looking dinners, with handy photos.

Do you think your an introvert or an extrovert?
What have you been loving this fine week?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Some life snapshots

What up party dawgs. I am having such a lovely chilled Sunday afternoon. Let's have a catch up.

Here is my pre holiday Asda shopping results. I went to a mahoosive store and was pretty made up. I know where I will be going to purchase my various gubbins!

Can I wax lyrical about loving the Collection extreme liner pens? They never seem to run out, and when they are on they are on for the duration. I got a pretty blue one.

The Simple mint shower gel is so refreshing, and seems gentler than its Organic Surge well known minty friend. I also love the Garnier toning lotion, as it smells immense and is nice and light. The mango mist smells a bit like squash, but is good for a quick spritz- I got it on offer with the body lotion, which is like a beautiful cake ice cream thingy and feels good and moisturising but not greasy. The cleansing/toning lotion I am on the fence about, it does feel a tad oily, but it is pretty and two-toned so I can let it off. Lastly, the toning mist is good for when I feel like a face wash but can't be arsed to faff with water and the like. 

And a bargain bikini. I wore the top whilst away and now have the outline of it engraved on my body, such fond memories. 

An all round satisfying shopping trip. 

On holiday itself I was actually pretty well behaved. We were all inclusive so all I bought were some bits from the supermarket that I had forgotten (i.e. A Lots of things, but hey, I got to shop). I ended up with about eight euros left, wahey, good times. Then, we found ourselves with a fair bit of time to kill in Makta airport, which was surprisingly good for shopping. 'Want to come and help me spend a shit load of money?', my friend asked. I did, and I inadvertently found this very pretty top in Guess. A little more than I would usually pay, but I do love it. A fab holiday memento. And, of course, I used my change to get a giant Toblerone, which has been consumed by my brothers in exchange for them doing up the garden. Can't complain.

Swoosh to yesterday, when I was working. It was actually a nice chilled day, so was good to ease back into things. Plus, I can't get tired of this view.

Today, after a v late night (will explain in a bit) I went to Zumba (proud) then the supermaket for cheesecake supplies.

It's my brother's birthday today (happy birthday Will) and he had requested cheesecake.

(To deviate for a second, it is interesting to keep a blog just as a record of the birthday cakes I created! For reference, in 2012 it was a baked white chocolate cheesecake, in 2013 Malteaser cake. Good times.)

 I pooh-poohed the quantities in the original cheesecake recipe I found, as I am wont to do, firmly in the belief that I know better (I generally don't) so made double quantities. It soon became clear there was no way all that mix was fitting in one tin, so I made two. Which in hindsight is awesome. One is summer fruits coulis, the other is Nutella (ohyesyesyes).

For his birthday I got him tickets to go see a Smiths tribute band, so we went along last night. It was such a good gig and I have been singing Smiths songs all day today.

We had some very dirty chicken afterwards at about 2 in the morning, why, I do not know. So I am easing of on the food today. Which brings us to now... 

I delivered cheesecake and a birthday card, took the dogs for a light 2.5 mile jog in the sunshine, and now am...

Enjoying the coffee...

And finishing off my holiday read. 

Trying to photograph tan lines...

Eatin' pineapple...

And enjoying listening to the birds on this rather wonderfully weathered afternoon.

(Still trying to figure out blogging off the I Pad, haven't quite aligned those photos right! Any tips?)

That's quite enough of my babble! Off to dry the old hair, walk the dogs, and by then I am sure it will be time for coffee nĂºmero two :)

What do you like to do on Sundays?
Ever had any amusing tan lines?
Have you ever seen a tribute band?
Oh, and do say happy birthday to my bro, should you choose to comment today :)

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