Friday, 8 February 2013

Sulfate Free Shampoo- my picks

I am all about hair products, did you know? Fundamentally, I just love getting in the shower and washing my hair. Am I a bit weird to get so much pleasure in this? I enjoy the smells of the shampoo, lathering it up, having nice clean hair, smoothing on conditioner... mmm. Yes, I'm weird.

I go sulfate (or SLS/SLES) free as much as I can. I generally find sulfate free and good quality goes hand in hand, and although I don't think it's particularly harmful just for hair washing, I have been advised to use it because I had a Brazilian blow dry last summer, and in general I like the idea of not using a cheap surfactant (sp) used in things like washing up liquid. I blog about it in more detail here. For me personally I have found it beneficial to have a smaller range of shampoo available because, if left to my own devices, I would just buy it all. I am susceptible to advertising claims. I am working on not being gullible and learning how to read ingredients.

I have hair that it quite fine, dry and a bit meh. My scalp can also get dry. I heard SLS didn't help scalp problems, so I now try to go without.

Here are my thoughts on the ones I have tried. Sulfate free options are becoming more widely available in highstreet shops and supermarkets, so these are all affordable. I would love to try high end ones from Pureology and the like, but for the moment these ones do fine.

Happy Hair Days (in pic above far left)- widely available in Sainsburys, at £3.99 but often reduced or on offer.

I smelt these and had to give them a try. These shampoo and conditioner combos come in a range of delicious scents. I have tried the coconut and marshmallow, pomegranate and ginger and am now on the blueberry and pear one. The latter is my favourite; it smells great, lathers like a dream and cleans and smooths well (as it claims to). I would recommend the shampoos over the conditioners as I haven't found the conditioners to be anything special, but it is very appealing to use a pair of products to crank up the scent. I really like these shampoos, Happy Hair Days seems to be a great brand. They're well priced and a great choice for a supermarket shampoo.

Argania- get it in Boots for £7.99

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I got this one for when I feel I need more moisture. It has a vanilla scent that to me is a bit artificial. I like the idea of having argan oil, which is always touted as being so beneficial, in my shampoo. This one lathers and cleans well. I feel the £7.99 price tag is a bit steep, so I probably won't repurchase.

L'Oreal Hair Expertise- Get it in Boots, Superdrug and most big supermarkets.

I will admit I'm a bit 'meh' about this range. The conditioners never did it for me. For the shampoos I would choose other sulfate free brands over these. But, I have realised they have the Evecreme range in Boots, which I am excited about as the smell is out of this world. I have a hunch it's not actually called Evercreme in the UK (I got mine in Canada) but it's the one that smells of yummy vanilla burnt sugar caramel. Mmmm. I love the cleansing conditioner from this range for after swimming.

Organic Surge- have only found it online, I got mine from TK Maxx, also in large Waitrose and John Lewis.

The Organic Surge shampoos I have tried have been fab. Really citrussy, they lathered well and had a great scent. I especially liked the volume boost one, it didn't dry my hair but cleaned gently and did its job well. If it was more widely available I would definitely buy it regularly.

Organix- selected products are in Boots and Tesco, and they also crop up in TK Maxx

I won't lie, I haven't actually tried a shampoo from this range. I have used the pictured lavender conditioner, and the vanilla one, and not been blown away. The lavender one is in the bin unfinished, which is unlike me! I haven't, however, tried the popular and more widely available ranges, and would like to give the shampoos a try. They have such a big choice of scents, ingredients and claims there will be something to suit you if you feel inclined to have a go. Boots and bigger Tesco stores stock the coconut, Brazilian keratin, argan oil and macadamia oil lines of products. I have heard good things here and there about all of these. Reasonably priced, so worth a try.

DGJ Organics- in Waitrose and John Lewis, and online.

I know I said L'Oreal Evercreme was my favourite scent, but these are also something else. They are much more refreshing and juicy smelling, so I like to use them in the mornings. So, so good. A good lather too, and great ingredients stats, I really trust these products. I'd like to try the Lavender ones, which are meant to be more hardcore. These are fantastic products that I enjoy using.

You may notice I haven't included the Naked range in my list. I so so want to find my 'match' from this brand, but so far I haven't been impressed. I am sad about this as the products in general seem right up my street. Perhaps I need to give something more moisturising a go. These are widely available in Boots.

To conclude, if you are after a gentle, everyday cleansing shampoo I would say go for Happy Hair Days or DGJ Organics. For me, these are definate repurchases. Organic Surge is also great. For moisture I would like to try the morroccan argan range from Organix, as I haven't yet found my go-to moisturising shampoo. And please, if in Boots and you see the Evercreme (or it's UK counterpart) give it a smell. Yum.

What shampoo and conditioner combos do you use? Ever wanted to go sulfate free? What do you fancy trying next?


  1. Great post! I'm reviewing DGJ organics right now and I'm impressed so far.
    Thanks for sharing x

  2. This is such a good post Catherine and couldn't have come at a better time for me - my Mum was trying to choose a good sulfate free shampoo on Friday. I'll def give one of these a try - interested to see if it makes a difference!

  3. Great post, I try and use sulphate / paraben free stuff and I've been using the Naked range and I haven't been too impressed, I've been left with hair that doesn't feel that clean or with it being too dry. Will try the HHD's range again!

  4. A bit late to the party but I love your post, I found the same thing as the above poster with the Naked range but love the Happy Hair Days stuff!


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