Friday, 31 January 2014

How the frig do people take all those selfies?

How? Howity how how? Howww?

On some blogs, people post them every day! I do like two a year. It is so hard!

I don't particularly want to broardcast my face to the Internet on a regular basis (nor should you want me to), I don't like being in photos in general. Paradoxically, I do like it when bloggers post pics of themselves; I like to know who's writing what I'm reading.

Do you ever look in the mirror and think 'yeah, I don't look too hideous, I'll take a selfie' then take the photo, look at it, and think 'call the undertakers, I'm clearly at deaths door.' The morning I took these photos I was pretty tired and wearing last nights makeup (shoddy removal job makes for quick getting ready. I'm gross) but didn't think I looked too bad. 

Why, in every picture, is the camera over my mouth and nose? I don't love my nose, perhaps it was subconscious.

I like the above photo though. My eyebrow looks cool.

Got the crazy eyes-looking-in-different-directions look going on

'How work this strange futuristic devise?' I am holding it as if it is covered in poo.

another freaky eye going on...

Concentrating very hard here on getting the jumper in, i.e. the actual reason I'm taking the photos. Perhaps part of the reason I am failing is because I am wearing a rug around my shoulders.

Actually, the rug is kind of cloak like. Winning!

Ahm giving you the siiiide eye nooow!

What's my right hand doing? Holding back my hair so you can see the wolf's bum?

Aaaand, freak out. Time to stop now.



  1. Ha! I have no idea either! I usually revert to holding the camera up and taking one of my face and then looking at the screen to see what I need to delete! Can't take them in a mirror as the flash goes off, or it's too dark, or the camera basically blocks everything. I agree I like seeing pics of other people though- cool jumper (although I thought it was a fox...)

  2. My selfie always reverts to the emo look of the camera looking down - urgh. I always find it annoying how the way I look in the photograph never appears to be how I look in the mirror for whatever reason.

  3. I loved this post! I always wonder how people take selfies and why so many - some people are obsessed with them! I don't really take any - I have the same issues with mirrors vs flash. I recently got a new phone with a front facing camera so who knows, maybe it all goes downhill from here... haha! :D

  4. Haha love this, nice to see (parts of) your lovely face :-) Having a phone with one of those backwards camera thingies helps me ;-) Love the Game of Thrones top!

  5. haha love this!
    I have a front facing camera on my phone which can make things easier, plus I instagram the hell out of them so I look half decent! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  6. Same, I can't figure mirror selfies out. And I've tried!


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