Sunday, 2 February 2014

Laura's banana coconut cream tartlets

Sundays are days for Zumba, shopping, dog walking, cooking, and tidying up.

I did all those things today! I win! 

After I fulfilled the food shopping, get petrol (+1 point for the red light not being on!) and Zumbaing, I was home with my bags of goodies and had a hankering for some creating.

I had pinned Laura's banana coconut cream tartlets recipe when she posted it. I mean look at it, he-llo! Simple ingredients and lots of my favourite things. Plus, I still have a fair few bananas to crack on through. Feeling inspired, I made sure I grabbed the things I needed in Sainsburys (still forgot stuff though, as I am me) so I could create these bad boys!

I always begin recipes from the Internet by scribbling them onto a post it (no more food stuck in my laptop!) Unfortunately, because I am a forgetful bear, I didn't get any desiccated coconut from the supermarket, so I subbed in a quarter of a cup of cashews instead (they both begin with a c and they are both awesome, job done). I didn't miss the coconut in the cases, and love cashews very much, so wasn't too fussed about this.

First I blended up the base.

Action shot!

I was tres excited at how the mix clumped into a perfect tube when I stopped the blender.

You do need to stick at blending until the mixture goes all sticky; for a while it will look like fine gravel. I added a tiny splash of kettle water to give it a hand. I love this combo of ingredients, if you wanted you could stop there and chill this in balls or bars for Nakd bar-esque snacks.

I lined the tin, Laura used tart cases but the best I had was this- it worked pretty well, and I got six little cases out of it.

Now, filling time! My banana pile is decreasing, but still very much in existence.

I had the coconut milk in the fridge, so the beautiful thick cream at the top had gone even more beautiful and thick. It's a beautiful thing.

Droool. Blending is so fun, don't you think?

The mix went into the cases, I had a little bit too much so I poured the excess into an empty bit of the tray (plus into my mouth, yesyesyes).

I shoehorned them into the freezer, being a very careful person (as I always am) and not spilling them everywhere. While I left them to set I took the dogs on a lovely sunny afternoon walk.


I think I walked super fast because the idea of trying one of these spurred me on. I scraped them out of the tin fairly successfully, and popped all but one into a bag and put them back in the freezer.

Here is my chosen one, a top snack, paired with blueberries and PB, because... reasons.

It was very yummy, the main yumminess coming from the coconut and banana mix in the middle. It was ridiculously lush and had gone ice cream like in the freezer. To be honest, I almost didn't need the nut and date case; the cream was enough deliciousness on its own. I will definitely be blending up more of the filling and just keeping it in the freezer. So simple and good. I already make nut and date blended bars/balls every now and again, and they are tastiness all on their own. What a combo.

A gorgeous recipe, thanks Laura! Go to Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish for more good and great stuff.

Created anything yummers recently?


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  1. Looks delicious= love the idea of just blending up the filling for tropical ice cream :)


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