Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My favourite fruity beauty products

I'm making a conscious effort to combine the various products in my beauty routine, so I smell like one thing instead of a big mess of scents. It's becoming like a recipe.

Sometimes, I feel like smelling like a big old piece of fruit. And here is what I might use.

DGJ HairJuice products, available from Waitrose and John Lewis (reviewed on the blog here). These smell all melony and fresh and make my mouth water. Great for in the summer, or, like the name says, an everyday clean when your hair doesn't need much doing to it. Take a look online.

Radox passionfruit shower gel, I got this on offer for £1 in Sainsburys. A great bargain shower gel, it'll get you clean and it smells like passionfruit.

Nip + Fab cleanser £7.99 from Sainsburys. Smells kinda appely. I love apple scents. I got this because I wanted a cleanser that would exfoliate without the actual scrub. This delivers, becaaaause ingredients.

I've had this Garnier serum for yonks, I don't think they make it anymore, but the smell is lush and it's a great defeizzer. It's being rationed!

I got the Tesco Apple and Melon detangling spray for a few pounds, purely based on the smell. I don't use it much for my hair, but just give it a spritz every now and then, for the scent.

This mango body butter from Boots came from the sale (on the blog here) in a set. You can get the larger size for, I believe, £8, which is better value than the Body Shop, and actually I prefer the scents of these.

To finish off, I do like the Body Shop body mists. I have the satsuma one, which actually smells like Calpol (odd but good). Wish I had got the mango one- it'll be on my list for summer! These are a step up from your average body sprays; they come in lovely glass bottles, the smell smells natural and like what it should smell like, they're really refreshing, and seem to linger on quite well. Always be on the lookout for Body Shop offers, never pay full price!

Check out my other posts in these series- coconut products and honey products.

What's your favourite smell?


  1. I love the smell of coconut products and at the right time of year, cinnamon and lemon :-)

  2. I love so many smells- like you I should perhaps streamline and match. I have some lovely body lotion that smells like a cinnamon bun and the smell lingers all day (philosophy- honey buns).

  3. I love fruity smells too, especially in the winter! Have you heard of or tried the Pure Fiji range? It's like the Pacific bottled up!


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