Saturday, 31 May 2014

Have read/reading/will read 31.05.14

There is a fly buzzing around my room. It is super irritating but I am juuuuust that bit too comfy to get up and open the window.

I am having half an hour of chillage before I go and take the dogs out. I went for a run this morning, enjoyed a whole punnet of strawberries, did housework, went to the shops, and now am worrying about the grinding noise my car is making. Will the car worries ever end?

I am making myself do very little this weekend. I already feel more relaxed. It is nice to have no commitments every now and again. I couldn't do this all the time, I would get all antsy and bored, but i really feel I need some taking it slow time, and it's good. 

This evening I am planning on cracking on with some books. Books are my ultimate escape route, nothing else takes me away from life like they do- telly and films just don't let me shut off like they do. 

So here's how I've been getting on with the reading recently. 

Have read

The whole A Song of Ice and Fire series. I know this is old news, as I finished ages ago, but since then I had a bit of a book break, such was the awesomeness of them. I am now such a big geek and fan of the whole shebang, including the TV series (I can count on one hand the things I actually want to watch on TV, and this is number one). I seriously can't wait until Winds of Winter is out, although it will be bloody ages. The excitement from me will be like the final Harry Potter times a million.


I've been having a Jill Mansell binge, her books are so easy to read, light, fun, and harmless. They are all so interchangeable I have trouble remembering which I have read and which I haven't. But I do love them. They are great to slip into after a hard old day.

Will read

This book was a birthday present- a friend and I have started a tradition of giving each other books. I love it when people recommend a book to me. I know nothing about this one, but am just waiting for the right moment to get stuck in.

A mish mash of a pile... I started rereading the Jilly Cooper on holiday last month and still have a bit to go, but I'll keep that there for when I am at a loose end. I started the Louise Bagshawe Passion one, but it irritated me so it's on the back burner for when I get desperate. A couple more Jill Mansells, I think I may have read them... I find her titles are so generic and irrelevant to the book I never know what happens in which book! And a young adult pick to fill the Hunger Games void, I got The Maze Runner for when I fancy some fast paced exciting stuff.

I love having books on the go and new things lined up to read! 

What are you reading? Any recommendations? 


  1. Right now I'm reading Geek Love by Katherine Dunn and Packing For Mars by Mary Roach. Geek Love, in my opinion, isn't living up to the hype. I'm only a hundred pages in so maybe it'll get better as I go on. Packing For Mars is really interesting but reads like a scholarly article.

    Some books I'd recommend are the Night Circus by Erik Morgenstein, anything by Bukowski (but fair warning, he's a really bitter man haha), A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry ... if you like YA books I liked The Fault in our Stars, The Maze Runner and The Giver.

    Oh I have a million actually, but start with those and if you like my taste in books then absolutely send me an email and I'll tell you more.

  2. Wait, duh, just noticed you have The Maze Runner in your pile of books. Welp, enjoy it! haha I really liked it.

  3. Sorry for 45 comments, I guess I'm just really passionate about books this morning, but I forgot a really important trilogy. If you haven't read the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman I say get to that one ASAP. It seems like it should be a kid's series but it is NOT. I put off reading these books for years because I heard the movie The Golden Compass sucked and because "his dark materials" sounded kind of cheesy but seriously I can't recommend these books enough. So good!!!

  4. I love reading too- every night before I go to sleep without fail :) I like the Peter James books but they all have Dead in the title so can never remember which ones I have read. I read The Great Gatsby a while ago and loved that (only after seeing the film, but that helped with some of the weird flowery language I think)- at the moment am reading a Jack Reacher book- easy reading :)

  5. I am just started the Game of Thrones - having to read it on the iPad though. Still, I am super excited about it!


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