Sunday, 1 June 2014

Leggings, lawns, and fox head lolz

Got to love the rule of three in a blog title, eh? I like trying to make the three things as odd as possible. 

As I (and most people) have said a trillion times, I like Sundays a lot. That is, before the Sunday night dread kicks in later on, and you keep putting off going to bed because when you wake up it will be Monday morning, and yuck to that. 

Here is what is going on at the moment- I'm on a chair in the garden, and Of Monsters And Men has just popped up on Spotify- awesome.

I'm admiring my lawn mowing skills. Good job satisfaction there, especially as I used the push along. It was a top workout. And I went to Zumba this morning, walked around town, and walked the dogs, so i feel good for having done all that movement.

The car in the picture is still being naught and noisy. It is very embarrassing- passers by keep looking at me as I cruise by in my screeeechy car. I have been assured that it is 'fine' and the parts are on their way. So every journey is a new adventure in fear and cringing. It really makes you appreciate arriving at your destination.

You will also see a trailer tent contraption, purchased by my housemate and her fella in the late hours of last night. I am v curious to see what it's like- it's huge!

The nail varnish I have by my side was a present from my brother's girlfriend. She nailed it with my gifts, all very me!

I may have some hair dying adventures later... Just a bit of blue to liven things up...

I got a few things from Primark. I saw them last week but didn't buy anything, saying to myself that if I still wanted them I would go back and get them. I did, so I did. Only eighteen quid for the three, so not bad.

These leggings are the real triumph. I have such a obsession with garish leggings, it's not even funny. And these are quite subdued compared to the ones I have my eye on on EBay. Paired with my muddy outdoor trainers, I'm quite the style icon. 

And finally. I was trying to take a snap chat and realised that I can give myself a fox face, which caused more amusement than perhaps it should. 

What item of clothing or makeup are you obsessed with? For me, it is black cat eyeliner, anything glitter, anything animal print, crazy skirts and leggings, motif tees, yellow, mustard, green, converse style shoes, stompy boots... 


  1. Gah, I can't see any of the images on this post for some reason! LOVE of monsters and men and dying to see the blue bits in your hair :-)

  2. Ha ha love the fox self portrait !
    When I was little we had a trailer tent, but it was lower than that one- it flapped open so there was a bed on either side- very comfy :)
    I like spotty and stripy things but the trouble is they don't really go together!


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