Monday, 2 June 2014

Nice stuffs

Here's a blast from the past, should my posting go to plan. I wrote this a while ago but it never published properly so got lost. Here is what should have gone up about a week ago. It's time travel...yes...

Loving the three day week. Hello Friday. I will not be loving the subsequent five day arse kickers, but hey go. 

Another little life update from me, because I am feeling flakey and disorganised at the moment. I do have so many post ideas, I just need the time and the mindset to put them all together. This weekend I am planning a chill one, so it could well happen. Hold onto your hats.

I thought I'd give you a peek at some things I bought/acquired recently. This is over the last month or so, not one shopping trip.

Loving Primark as always, especially the Moomin pjs. I split the set with my housemate, so now we are both Moominified.

A few new cosmetics and a nice cheap bag. I got a moisturiser with an SPF now I am working outside a lot.

New duvet cover. It is so garish and seventies and doesn't match anything in my room.

A lovely new mug, courtesy of housemate. And I got some seventy pee books from the awesome cheapity cheap cheap bookshop in town. God love them.

Changing ze subject. I had a great few days visiting friends down in Chichester, as always. It was a hideous rainy day, so we battened down the hatches and stayed indoors with Game of Thrones, booze, and much food. I really needed this good time with friends and we had such a larf. 

On Tuesday we visited Gunwharf Quays, the outlet shopping centre in Portsmouth. I wanted to buy everything in Cath Kidston (such cowboy print), Joules (again,such prints, very wellies) and Nike, but sort of restrained myself...

Striped top and a necklace from JW. The book was a birthday gift, can't wait to get stuck in. Is it superficial that I love the cover?

A totally bargainous strawberry set from the Body Shop for twenty quid. It was worth about fifty, as had all the full size products. Plus a candle and holder, also a birthday present.

Another gift :) 

A booze gift...

And a mug gift!

Crap, better get ready for work. Later potatas! 

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